Graphic Design 

Eady Forum

Student-led forum for Graphic Design at the Royal College of Art, under the supervision of Adrian Shaughnessy. Under the overarching banner ‘Too Much/Not Enough’, the Eady Forum looked into both the different ways in which designers work with others (e.g. too much collaboration or not enough?) and how graphic design evolves in our current paradoxical environments (e.g. too much information or not enough?). The aim of the forum was to showcase alternative modes of practice and create conversations about the future of the discipline.

Seminars, workshops, lectures, studio visits, round table discussions. 

Visual identity, design of promotional materials, planning, organisation and management.

I was one of four
co-leading the forum with:
Laura Calloni,
Laurene Ciocco,
Leen Charafeddine
Other graphic work

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